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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What are your policies regarding Hygiene?

For both our safety and comfort, it is required that you shower at my incall before our session commences. Although, if you can confirm that you have had a shower within an hour of our booking I can respect that. I have body wash for you to use, but you can also bring your own. I will also have mouth wash if kissing is in the midst. Long fingernails or dirty fingernails will prevent you from exploring me internally as well. Ouch for my lady bits!

Do you have a Cancellation Policy?

As I’m sure you’re aware, this is my livelihood and career so cancellations are a huge detriment to my income. That time might have been able to be filled by someone else and I lose a minimum of $100. Therefore, an appointment cancellation of any less than 24 hours will require forfeiting the $50 deposit and an additional $50 payable by e-transfer or an Uber Canada/Amazon Canada gift card. I understand crazy things happen, but unless it’s an extremely serious reason this policy will be enforced. If this is not respected any future bookings will be rejected until payment is received.

What is your preferred method of Contact?

I only accept communication via my contact form on my website, text, email. My voice is easily recognizable so I do not do phone calls. There are also lots of men out there who phone companions to get off for free. No thanks. My number to text is 613-917-7732, my email is, and my X is @scarlettlassxo

Do you require a deposit? How? Why? Even 'Regulars" have to give a deposit? Why?

Yes. It is $50 and is included in the full compensation. I accept it via etransfer, Uber Canada gift card, and Amazon Canada gift card. The reason I ask for deposits is that many potential clients make appointments and decide not to show up. My time is very important to me so this has now become my policy to help guarantee 
I am respected. I work independently so there are a lot of overhead costs to maintain my incall and business. Deposits ensure only serious clients get my time. Also, there is a group of losers that fake book providers in Ottawa so I absolutely do not see any clients without a deposit. No ifs, ands, or buts.
This includes if we have met before unless I explicitly tell you otherwise. Clients can get too comfortable and then ghost when it is convenient. A deposit is an extra layer of certainty that helps you take bookings and my time seriously.

What if I can't do online payments for a deposit?

No worries! I have an alternate way to pay a deposit via cash. You would buy a physical $50 Uber Canada or Amazon Canada gift card at pretty much any store such as Loblaws, Walmart, Shoppers Drugmart, or even your local gas station. You'd then copy down the access code and I can redeem it on my respective accounts. As I said in my earlier question, DEPOSITS ARE NONNEGOTIABLE. No amount of convincing, begging, or saying "You can trust me, I'm a nice guy," will sway me. The only thing that will accomplish is me blocking you. :)

Are you 4/20 friendly? Alcohol friendly? What about other drugs?

Now that it is legal (also before haha) you are more than welcome to bring unsealed weed to the session for yourself though. I also enjoy having a few drinks together to help us relax. Naturally, we are both adults and need to ensure that we respect our body’s limits by not getting overly high or intoxicated. Wine is normally a great easy drink to bring, I love fruity reds, whites, or rosé. I also love sour beers or stouts by Nickelbrook Brewery. For other illegal drugs, I do not consent to you being high on it or bringing it to my incall.

What is your preferred method of Payment?

I accept e-transfer or cash as payment for my time. When sending an e-transfer DO NOT write anything explicit or sexual in the notes of it. That could get both our accounts flagged and shut down. For e-transfers and cash, I require it before our session begins to prevent scamming. Specifically for cash, place it on the table once you arrive and we won’t have to worry about it.

How do I know you are real? I've been burned/scammed before.

You would know a companion is real by doing research on the person you are looking to see if they have been around for a while, have a website, have any social media, and have lots of photos on their ad/social media/website. That is not my responsibility to reassure you. Go look yourself :) It is not my job to do backflips to convince you. While it is unfortunate you were scammed before that is not my problem nor my fault. If this is a point of contention for you then I highly recommend you book a beautiful companion that matches your boundaries.

How many shots? Do you offer MSOG?

I am offering an experience rather than a tally chart of orgasms. I do not limit nor guarantee that you can get there, but I do try my best within those factors. It isn't always up to me if you can orgasm more than once or even at all. Talk to your own body for that.

Do you offer Outcalls? Is there other screening required?

I do! For outcalls, I require a valid photo ID, my travel expenses via Uber compensated, and the $50 deposit. The booking also needs to be a minimum of 90 mins. The ID you send is sent to one of my fellow companions as a contingency for my safety. Many women/people get murdered or hurt in this line of work. Having that extra layer of protection helps keep me safe. Once our session is over, I shoot a text to my fellow companion and she deletes the ID. If this doesn't work for you then I'd be happy to see you at my private incall.

Where is your incall located?

My incall is located in Centretown with the closest intersection being Bronson and Laurier. It is a private apartment.

What is a gloryhole and how does it work?

Gloryhole is a pleasurable experience where the lights are out, gentle music is playing, and you get oral through a perfectly sized hole through a curtain! It is a more physical session than a visual. It spans 15 minutes and you can touch my face and boobs through the curtain a bit. 

Do you offer bare services such as BBBJ, COF, or CIM? Why or why not?

I do not. I only offer CBJ. Many STIs can be transmitted via oral or bare intercourse. In terms of COF and CIM, I genuinely do not enjoy that so I don't do it. I have chosen to not offer bare services to help prevent that. I use high-quality condoms and definitely compensate with my amazing skills. I haven't had any complaints yet. ;)

Do you offer overnights? What are your preferred hours of operation?

While overnights can be a fun experience for some, this is not something I offer. I value my beauty sleep and can't sleep in front of strangers. I do offer sessions late into the night but the latest I offer one is to 1 AM. My preferred hours of operation are between 11 AM and 12 AM. I am not an early riser and would not be pleasant to be around before 11 AM haha

Do you have any Duo Partners?

I am extremely bisexual, so intimate time with a woman is always welcome! I am open to duos with most providers I do ask that you contact me first to confirm. I am 100% open to duos with the following providers:

Taylor Lagrande ( @TaylorLagrande )

Lilah Woods ( @lilahwoods613 )

What are your policies regarding COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a very controversial topic within society. My stance on this subject is pretty cut and dry. COVID is real and should be taken seriously. Due to that fact, I require clients to be vaccinated with a minimum of two doses to see me. I don't care if you think it gives you 5G or Autism, which isn't even a bad thing to have happen to you, or whichever weird conservative propaganda reason to not get it is. This policy is non negotiable. 

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